Episode 3 10 Questions with Johan Schwartz the Driver of TC car #80 for Rooster Hall Racing, Inside the Series with TC America Series manager Jim Jordan and Sonoma recap. In depth interview with James Walker Jr the driver of the Risi Competizione Alfa Romeo Guiletta #34 in the TCR class.

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For more information on Johan Scwartz http://www.johanschwartz.com/ and his team https://roosterhallracing.com/ His favorite book is “BEAST” by Jade Gurss for more on the series https://www.tcamerica.us/ Jim Jordan’s instagram James Walkers book is titled High performance braking and is available on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Brake-Systems-James-Walker/dp/1613250541 His team is https://www.risicompetizione.com/

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