Episode 1 Jeff Ricca

Episode 1 features Jeff Ricca who goes into details about how he got to this point in his racing career, how he met his wife, how he started and built his business, what it was like to win his first TCAmerica race at COTA. There's a 10 question segment with PJ Groenke and discussion with the TCAmerica Series Manager Jim Jordan

Episode 2 P.J. Groenke

Episode 2 features P.J. Groenke who goes into details of his winding road through motorsports including his time as a reality tv star, his love for Star Wars and collectibles as well as his love for skateboarding and surfing. This Toronto, Canada native has a unique story.

Episode 3 James Walker Jr

Episode 3 features James Walker Jr and how he has turned his automotive engineering background into becoming an author, the king of Saturn Motorsports, how he chose the TCR class and learning the Alfa and the TCAmerica series.

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